Launching November 8 from Pangalore Games, Knightly Adventure is a free-to-play Diablo-esque action RPG tucked inside a social city-builder. You can play it on your cell phone. You can play it on your tablet. You can even play it on your PC. It's versatile like that.

The future of social games shall be platform-agnostic, and Knightly Adventure is a wonderful example of that idea. Built on the Unity 3D platform, the crafting, building and battling game is ready to run anywhere you'd like it. Start off playing on Facebook on your PC or Mac, switch to your iPhone—it's the same game, it's just accessible everywhere.

The game sees players building up their village, crafting items and equipment for their adventuring characters to use on their quests. Once the building is done, players will select one of four characters—knight, wizard, prince, and archer—and partake in a series of missions that see them embroiled in isometric click-based combat. Select two of your friends' characters to join you in battle (they'll earn rewards), or pay a pair of random NPCs to fight by your side. It's all good in the social fantasy role-playing hood.

I'll have a more in-depth look at Knightly Adventure closer to the November 8 launch.