Here's a Team Fortress 2 Map That Could Run In Your Browser

Developer Brandon Jones has, after some tinkering and hard work, managed to import a map from online shooter Team Fortress 2 into WebGL. It's not playable, but it's there.

This means that in practical terms it's largely useless, but think big for a second, OK? This is one guy, working on this unofficially. You put a team of guys working on this, and give them time and money, and they just might be able to do more.

Which team? Oh, I don't know. Valve recently made Team Fortress 2 free-to-play. Seems the only place left to go after that is to get the thing running in a browser. And if Unreal Engine 3 can do it, Team Fortress 2 can do it.


You can see a vid of the map in action above. Note that, according to Jones, the sluggish frame rate is a result of his capture software; he says performance is "smooth" in the flesh.

Source Engine Levels in WebGL: Video + Source [TojiCode, via NeoGAF]

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I know 2Fort is like the "iconic" TF2 map but I personally hate it and wonder why it's so popular.

Each base can literally be defended with a minimum of two engineers guarding the top and bottom choke points. Gonna try and sap that sentry? Any good engineer will know how to spy check.

The entire map funnels into long corridors that make the Scout and Pyro nearly useless. The center of the map is obviously a killing field for snipers. The entire map stalemates within the first minute as the teams try and see who can set up their sentries the fastest. You can only make progress using Medic spam.

Instead of encouraging a diverse selection of classes the map instead heavily favors a select two or three.