I'm not one for eerie games, but it's difficult to watch this trailer for NaissanceE and not become immediately entranced by the architecture. It's a minimalistic world, yet atmospheric—the type of place you'll want to explore (even though that's likely a bad idea!)

According to the developers, the game is a "short first person adventure" that takes place in a "primitive mysterious structure." It's an exploration game, with some platforming and puzzle sections.

From the indieDB page:

Loneliness, confrontation to gigantic architectures and imagination provided by philosophical journey in this lost area should enjoy players waiting for this kind of disturbing trip, lead by contemporary meditative music.

The astute among you might notice that the trailer is from December, but Rock Paper, Shotgun brought the game to our attention today. NaissanceE is set to drop sometime in 2013. In the meantime, have some screenshots:



(Via RPS)