Here's a Clip From Community, Entirely in 16-Bit Video Game Form

Do you love NBC's comedy show, Community? I love Community. Though the show often pokes fun at film and television tropes—typically through the dorky, yet lovable character Abed—the characters sometimes toy around with video game jokes, too.

Last night's show was more than just a few funny video game quips and references. It was 20 minutes of retro game nostalgia, where the team of friends play a video game together to win Pierce his inheritance. While they figure out how to fight, create potions and weapons, and how fun it is to aimlessly jump around (I have similar gaming habits as Troy), they also have to deal with various enemies and boss characters.

Never one to behave normally, Abed falls in love with an NPC, distracted by the overwhelming options for dialogue. Our own Chris Person has spliced up that part of the storyline for you to watch above, in all its hilarity.

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It was pretty authentic until characters within the game spoke. They sounded like Stephen Hawking or something. Where did that come from? Who thought of that? It didn't fit.