Here's 12 Minutes of Battlefield 3 Gameplay, No Facebook Strings Attached

Battlefield 3's holding out for a million Facebook likes before it unlocks the final of five videos, which would be this one above, except with producer commentary. This still is 12 minutes solid of gameplay and in-game cutscenes, with annotations so you know what's going on in the campaign.

Some of this has been seen before - such as the rooftop sequence in which the squad bazookas a big-time pain-in-the-ass sniper. But there's a lot of never-before-seen footage in it, and you don't have to do anything on Facebook to see it. (They're currently at 775,000 likes or so.)

There's NSFW language throughout this, so use headphones if that's a concern.

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I like this. Yeah, I know it seems to be a typical scripted shooter (and I haven't seen any "characters," unlike Call of Duty), but DICE tends to make really good campaigns, even if they are only five hours. I probably won't be buying this new, unless the campaign actually turns out to be eight hours or more... but that said?

Most of you are buying it for the multiplayer. Did Battlefield games even have campaigns before? I dunno; if they did, those campaigns were irrelevant.

So hey, there's no need to worry. Right here, right now, they're showing Battlefield 3's campaign, which looks really impressive and lifelike, but may suck because, like Medal of Honor, it doesn't really seem to have characters. The multiplayer has yet to be shown, so you don't have to worry.

[EDIT:] You know, while watching this, I find myself not terribly excited. Do I need this game? Maybe, maybe not. Again, the main reason to get it is for the multiplayer, but SP has ALWAYS been ridiculously important to me, particuarly in FPSes. This is without a doubt the best looking game I've ever seen... but... I dunno. It feels like WWII games all over again (funny thing is, though, there were FAR more WWII games than modern FPSes). I think the problem is that FPSes as a whole have been absurdly uncommon until this year, so it's disproportionately modern War, but really, in the past half-decade, we've seen, what, five modern war-based FPSes? Six?

Still, I want unique games. No One Lives Forever, System Shock, Halo, stuff like that.

[EDIT 2:] It looks like they've removed the whole "you shoot the rocket! You're the best shot!" line, after people pointed out how pointless it was when shooting a weapon with such great splash damage.