To: Crecente From: Ashcraft RE: My Brush With Mary Jane Talk about bursting at the steams, had to run to the baby store to start buying baby stuff this afternoon. Bought a new diaper trash can and another baby seat. Man, baby seats are pricey! In Japan, kids have to sit in them until they're like six years old or something. Also, bought some new clothes to go with the Mini-Bash handmedowns. Never grew up with siblings so handmedowns didn't factor into the equation. Hope he doesn't care — doubt he will, the baby is after all a baby. Wonder if he'll care when he gets older.... What you missed last night Miyamoto: "It Would Be Great If Music Education Started With Wii Music" Here's Why There Are Fewer PSP Games Today GTA DS Lets You Buy And Sell Weed...And Heroin...And... The People's Arcade! Inside A North Korean Game Center Capcom Gently Remind You That Importing Street Fighter IV Is Illegal LittleBigPlanet Isn't Just A Game (It Can Get You A Job) Bungie Countdown Re-Appears, Ends Thursday Morning Dead Space: The $150 Version Microsoft Kicks Off Creepy Xbox 360 Ad Blitz Street Fighter IV Adds Unlockable Gouken More Halo MMO Concepts: Revenge of Mistress Chief