Here’s what’s going on Talk Among Yourselves, our reader-written blog: ToxicBunnies wants to know what your favorite saddest moments in gaming are. (Mine's probably the ending of Shadow of the Colossus.) DanimalCart argues that Final Fantasy XV is the biggest disappointment of this year's E3. And, Cimeas asks all you TAY folk where you hail from.


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They could've promoted one of the organized community events like the Podcast or the gaming sessions, but nope, they opt to select something that puts a game not even released yet into a bad perspective.

The author just lists everything that is popular to hate about Final Fantasy XIII (Hope being whiny, the plot not making sense, the characters being one-dimensional (does that include Sazh?), the music of XIII-2 being bad) BUT doesn't list a single personal opinion about it, not even a positive one.
You have to cater to both sides, for fairness sake. This ain't Aliens: Colonial Marines after all, there's got to be some value somewhere. Ignoring this possible value makes this a one-sided and biased opinion piece.

What's more, he makes the typical "I can fight through the game by just pressing X" comment, implying that Final Fantasy XIII was just a simple buttonmasher and that XV will be exactly the same.
Just to be clear: I actually played and finished the game (even got all the trophies in it) and I can confirm that the game can get very, VERY demanding in combat as the game presses on. The author can't possibly have played the game for a long time, otherwise he would've realized that the combat is not shallow at all.

Bottom line, the Final Fantasy XV article is something I wouldn't exactly recommend, because even a layman can see that it's highly unprofessional and just biased. Oh, and did I mention that it's based off some video trailers?