Here’s What I Want from BioShock Infinite’s DLC

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It’s already known that BioShock Infinite will have DLC packs at some point in the coming months. Irrational Games hasn’t said yet what the add-ons are going to be but, with no multiplayer component to Infinite, there’s a chance that these might be story-centric add-ons like the excellent Minerva’s Den DLC for BioShock 2.


At times, the single-player campaign in BioShock Infinite is like a roller coaster ride in an amusement park. It zips past things you’d like to see and explore but the damned momentum flings you past those attractions, leaving you to only wonder at what they might be like. Below, I name a few elements of BioShock Infinite that I’d like to experience in deeper fashion.

These are spoilers so stop reading now if you don’t want anything ruined for you.

The Ballad of Daisy Fitzroy

Of the various characters Booker and Elizabeth meets in Columbia, Daisy Fitzroy might be the most fascinating. In events preceding the game, she goes from slave to revolutionary, in a character arc that echoes the lives of Harriet Tubman, John Brown and Fidel Castro. I’d love to see how Daisy went from servant to insurgent after she’d been framed for a crime she didn’t commit. She probably had to carve a bloody path to amass the army that becomes the Vox Populi so opportunities for action would likely be plentiful.


Alternate Realities

Elizabeth’s supernatural power pull things from other planes of existence, which lets her help you out in combat. But, by the end of the game, she has access to a whole landscape of doors to other might-have-beens. Since she’s able to travel backwards and sideways into time and space, Irrational could put the game’s lead duo into a continuum where things play out differently.


A return to Rapture

The glimpse that we get of Andrew Ryan’s underwater city is a short, tantalizing tease, surely meant to invoke nostalgia for fans of the first BioShock. But the dialogue in this moment hints at a connection that you don’t get to experience first-hand. Even if there’s n new narrative to be told in Rapture, it’d be a great battlefield for Booker and Elizabeth to face off against a combo of enemies from BioShock and BioShock Infinite.


Have you finished BioShock Infinite yet? What do you want to see from the upcoming DLC?



I have to say this now. The ending was terrible

[SPOILERS, obvs]

The twist that "OMG BOOKER IS COMSTOCK" was ridiculous and clearly the product of them writing a fantastic game and then having no idea to end it.

Not wanting the game to end without a twist, clearly Levine decided the final moments had to be so "WTF?" that the player would wonder about it for days, not philosophically but in a literal "what just happened" kind of way.

Now, I'm not going to say the ending made me angry. Unlike ME3, which comes at the end of a 90-hour trilogy (and a 5-year journey), Infinite is a linear, set-piece driven, 12-hour romp.

But the ending was still stupid.