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So, we've seen proof that the Ouya exists, in an unboxing video seen last week. But that clip stopped just short of showing any actual games running on it. Well, now you can see software running on the Android-based hardware.

The game above is Roasty Rooster, in development by Finnish studio Aptual. It looks just like thousands of games that you'd play on your phone or tablet, only it's being controlled by a gamepad and is blown up on a big screen. A transparent Ouya dev kit is over there on the left, sitting on top of what looks like an Apple TV. (You think that's a metaphor for something?) Whatever you think of Roasty—and honestly, the game doesn't do much to wow me, based on what's shown—this clip is the first sign the record-breaking crowdfunded console will deliver at least some what has been promised.


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