Here’s a Quick Glimpse at Neil Gaiman’s First Video Game

Yesterday morning saw the news of Wayward Manor—the video game debut of beloved writer Neil Gaiman—breaking all over the internet. The site for the game has launched after word got out and it’s got a message from the Sandman creator and info on rewards available for various crowdfunding tiers.


Of note is the fact that the Launch Party tier cites a tentative October/November release window for Wayward Manor. So you’ll probably be able to get your hands on those cute, misshapen haunted house residents once the leaves start turning brown.



I love Neil Gaiman. I think Stardust is one of my favorite movies of all time. I love his writing and in every interview/even he's been in, seems like the nicest of people...

But I don't get how that ties to excitement for a game he's involved in. Will it be well written? Possibly! Probably! Will it play well? That's entirely up to the rest of the team working on it...

It's like, who would be excited to hear that Miyamoto's opening a restaurant? I mean, he's a great game designer so OBVIOUSLY he'll make a wonderful chef too, right? Or if Christopher Nolan decided to sculpt - would we all assume that he being a director directly contributes to and makes him a good sculptor? Or would we wonder and think that his directorial expertise means little for sculpting, and that he better have had sculpting experience beforehand?

Or, more logically, remember Steven Spielberg and Boom Blox? I mean, it was a good game and all, but I have a hard time believing it's because Spielberg had the idea with no knowledge of how to design or code a game and, poof, a good game was born. More likely it had to do with the team at EA who was able to create something fun based off his initial input.

So...good luck to Gaiman, but I'd be more curious on how else is behind the project...