Here Now, The Very Best Ultraviolence From Sunday's Epic Game of Thrones

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You know it, I know it; the American people know it. Sunday's Game of Thrones, which centered entirely around King's Landing and the Battle of the Blackwater, was a high point in the show's already great run.


It had everything: epic battle scenes, incredible special effects, rare moments of intimacy and humor, quality time with some favorite characters (and redemption time for some not-so-favorite ones).

On top of all that, it had some of the very best violence I've seen on HBO in a good long while.

Here now, four GIFs of the best ultraviolence from Sunday's Game of Thrones. Fair warning—these are pretty gory. Which of course, doesn't make them any less awesome.

1. The Hound Cuts A Dude In Half

Holy eff! Did you just see that? The Hound just cut that dude in half! You'd think that armor would do something to stop that, but… nope. Not when Sandor Clegane is on the other side of the sword. Hello, entrails. You'd probably stand a better chance against The Hound if you set yourself on fire.

2. A Guy's Head Gets Smushed By A Big Rock


I call this the "Saving Private Ryan Moment." After achieving a hard-fought beach landing, Stannis' troops slam up against the wall. He looks over at the guy next to him, who has just enough time to make a dumb expression before BANG! A big-ass rock grapefruits his head. Ew.

3. Stannis Baratheon Lops Off The Top of a Guy's Head


Just in case you thought that maybe Stannis was all talk, that he hid behind the Red Lady's fire-magic and shadow-assassins all the time or something, the guy spins around and cuts the top of a dude's skull clean off. This is why you wear a helmet, formerly-alive dude.

4. Tyrion Lannister Chops off a Dude's Leg And Then Wails On Him


A.K.A. the total and absolute best one. After giving a beautiful, roughshod inspirational speech, Tyrion Lannister proves once and for all that he is the coolest dude in all of Westeros by leading his men into battle despite his diminutive size. And, better yet, strikes the first blow in the sneak attack by chopping a dude's leg right the eff off and then wailing on him with his axe. He wails on him so hard that blood flies from an improbable angle. Heart of a lion!

(Thanks to Chris for the Gif-assist.)



Still don't understand why the Hound left the battle. Didn't he love killing?