Here Is Halo Reach: Briefcase Edition

We got Halo Reach in a silver briefcase today. I took it to the roof for an unbriefcasing video, guest-starring the distant Empire State Building and a blimp. This is really just the standard edition plus doodads plus briefcase.

You can't buy the briefcase edition, because it's just a mailing method for press, to get them to post unbriefcasing videos or something. Halo Reach will be released officially next week. We'll have a review over the weekend.

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Slagathorian: Save the trees and kill the children.

So, I waited in line for 5 hours with a bunch of nerdy pre-adolescents to get Halo 3 on launch day.

I played it exclusively as my number 1 multiplayer game of choice. Logging around 8000 games in 2 years.

I then got hooked on the Uncharted 2 multiplayer since last September, and haven't touched Halo once.

Last night, I booted up Halo 3 for all times sake. And my experience was like thus:

It took around a minute and a half to find me a match, which is weird because there were like 500K people playing, and I was matched almost exclusively with 5 star generals.

The game starts, and I'm first out of the gate so I grab the sniper rifle. 2 of my teamates follow me hucking grenades, all the while swearing and calling me a pussy and whatnot. I manage to evade their grenades, which only serves to piss them off more, and they keep BR-ing me until I die. They both t-bag me, while all the while calling me all sorts of vile names (my headset's not plugged in, so I don't respond)

I then respawn, only to get sniped by the same guy again about a second after I come to life. At least I'm kinda glad because now I can boot him. But the prompt screen doesn't come up. So I'm starting to get pissed at this point, but I keep playing anyways. About 2-3 minutes later, the same guy kills me with the rocket launcher, and the game still doesn't prompt me to boot him. I had muted him and his little accompliss a couple minutes ago, but I just know they're probably still going at it with the jeering.

The game ends, and I'm minus 6, having spent 2/3rds of the game dodging friendly fire from players who WAY outrank me. And the other guy sends me a message saying how much garbage I am, and other vile things. Also saying I can't snipe worth a crap, and I better not ever touch the sniper rifle again etc.

I'm pretty much in disbelief by all this.

Was this the game I used to love?

Needless to say, I will not be picking up Reach on day one.