We all love playing games with our cats. Dangling yarn in front of them, throwing balls their way, terrorizing them with a laser pointer—it isn't fun unless our feline friends are spazzing out and chasing something around the room. But unless you count the time (or times) your cat jumped onto your lap mid-deathmatch, cats don't usually get down with video games. Until now, that is.

At South by Southwest, the cat-food manufacturer Friskies revealed the latest game in their ongoing series of iPad games aimed at cats. This one, called You vs. Cat, doesn't just let your cat freak out and scratch the crap out of your screen, it pits you against him or her in what amounts to a game of human vs. feline air hockey.


(Can we just take a moment to reflect on the amazingness of the video game title You vs. Cat? Okay. Moment taken.)

As ABC News describes You vs. Cat, it sounds pretty basic: Throw a piece of food across the iPad and into a goal before your cat stops it. Awesomely, Friskies brought up a cat that they described as the "world champion" of this game to demonstrate it. As though there had really been a behind-closed-doors championship to determine the cat-champion of this unreleased game! Ha.

I wasn't there, so didn't see it, but I'm picturing the equivalent of one of those E3 demos where they bring up hair-gelled pro to demonstrate the latest Modern Warfare game. Only it's a cat. On a table.

You vs. Cat will be free, and will come out later this week. Below is a video of some of Friskies' past cat-centric iPad games.


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