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Here Are The Xbox One X's Japanese Sellout Sales Figures

[Image: Kaztsu]
[Image: Kaztsu]

Last week, the Xbox One X sold out at launch in Japan. Since retailers were only filling pre-orders, it was hard to tell how the console did. Famitsu’s sale figures shed light on the situation.


For a further explanation why the Xbox One X was sold out at launch, read Kotaku’s previous coverage:


Below are “sell out” launch day photos Twitter user Kaztsu took in Tokyo’s Akihabara.

Via Famitsu, here are hardware sales numbers for the week of November 6 to November 12.

Nintendo Switch - 84,593 units

PlayStation 4 - 23,613 units

New Nintendo 2DS XL - 10,935 units

New Nintendo 3DS - 6,576 units

PlayStation 4 Pro - 6,028 units

PlayStation Vita - 3,023 units

Xbox One X - 1,639 units

Nintendo 2DS - 1,176 units

Xbox One S - 49 units

PlayStation 3 - 38 units

Wii U - 32 units

That’s not too bad! But damn, the Nintendo Switch keeps flying off store shelves in Japan. The Wii U? Notsomuch.


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Every time I look at Japan sales figures with PlayStation and Xbox I can’t help but think there’s either some ridiculous nationalism or racism at Play.

Because outside of Japan sounds a little more neck-and-neck when you compare the systems.

Clearly there’s a preference that doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of the system.