Here Are the Winners of the 2012 Saxxys for Excellence in Team Fortress 2 Movie-Making

Two weeks ago Valve opened voting on the second annual Saxxy Awards, celebrating cinematography in Team Fortress 2 and the Source Filmmaker tool released earlier in the year. Last night, voting ended, and winners in four categories were crowned. You may see them here in this gallery.


The overall winner has not yet been named. It will be revealed, and shown, during the 2012 Video Game Awards on Spike TV on Dec. 7. For now, kick back and enjoy the winners from these four categories.

The Saxxy for Best Replay goes to "EPIC High Five Fail," by 1231231453123.

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The Saxxy for Best Drama goes to "Bad Medicine," by Zachariah Scott.

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The Saxxy for Best Action goes to "Meet the Dumpster Diver," by MrPopulus89.

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The Saxxy for Best Comedy goes to "The Wishmaker," by MaxOfS2D.

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