Chain establishments can start to blur together. They start to seem the same, because they all look the same. That's not always true for Starbucks, especially in Asia. Some of its ubiquitous coffee houses are not only unique, but so cool.

Yes, most Starbucks in Asia do look like the Starbucks you'd see anywhere in the world; however, some of them look incredibly different, ranging from Starbucks' "concept stores" to those simply trying to fit into the local environment.


Here are a handful of some—certainly not all—of the most interesting Starbucks in Asia. Note that a couple cities have multiple locations that are worthy of mention.

Beijing, China [ChinaTravel2.0]

Beijing, China [Twice as Delicious]

Chengdu, China [The Year of Magical Living]

Chengdu, China [Xitek]

Hangzhou, China [Nikon單眼的成長紀錄]

Hong Kong [Brand Eating]

Shanghai, China [bitslice]

Shanghai, China [Jacksonville Stumpes]

Xian, China [honycomb]

Bali, Indonesia [27 Degrees South]


Itsukushima service area, Hiroshima, Japan [のりたま]

Kamakura, Japan [Bonkiki]

Kobe, Japan [ひょっとこR100RS]

Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan [The Local Global World with Peter Wik]

Toyama, Japan [らなぱぱの物欲ブログ!?]

Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan [アートな日]

Seoul, South Korea [Utakata Diary]

Singapore [Cosmopolitan Singapore]

Taichung, Taiwan [Arbor Day]

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