Here Are Some Great Video Game Victory Fanfares For No Reason At All

Gif: Nintendo / Kotaku

With the world in crisis, just straight-up, feel-good moments are few and far between. So some of us here at Kotaku, for no other reason at all, much less one dominating the current news cycle, have grabbed a bunch of our favorite fanfares from a bunch of our favorite video games to help you close out this strangely invigorating, oh, 12 or so hours. Have a little dance! You deserve it.

Cloud183 (YouTube)
gmaster2647 (YouTube)
The Matrix Mandible (YouTube)
Gren (YouTube)
carloaccount (YouTube)
gmaster2647 (YouTube)
PSC (YouTube)
OstProject (YouTube)
Plays Music (YouTube)
FFMusicStation (YouTube)
Official VGM (YouTube)
LaMissFa1ry (YouTube)

Staff Writer, Kotaku

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Some reasons not to celebrate:

- “When they go low, we go high.”

- An outbreak in the White House could have far farther reaching consequences beyond the POTUS and his wife. Staffers, journalists, etc. could be affected.

- National security concerns due to the above.

- If Trump gets through this without very serious affects, he could very well turn it around and weaponize it.

That said, I do like me some videogame victory tunes.