Here Are Nice Costumes Our Nice Readers Made

Our cosplay contest keeps on keepin' on. Reader Spif send this pic along of Devil May Cry 4's Kyrie. Classy! Spif also made the costume, so be impressed with that. We're giving a Dead Space helmet away to the best costume — or rather, the costume Kotakuland likes teh best. The contest: Dress-up like a game character (any game character is okay!) and send along a picture of you holding up a Kotaku sign to kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom with the subject line Cosplay Contest. Please do not send photos of Kotaku signs Photoshopped in. The deadline is November 1st. The winner will be selected by Kotakuland and get this helmet. Happy Halloween to everyone and all that crap! Hit the jump for another D.I.Y. costume. This one is vault dweller from Kotakuite Vice552.


Writes Vice552:

i tried to get every detail right from looking at hundreds of screenshots and game play videos. (the 101 on the collar, the cool tech tube thing that goes over the shoulder, the shoulder armor, pipboy, random belts, and the 1 fingerless glove with the tech part with a tube coming out.) everything but the belts are hand made from scratch... my hand made pipboy 3000. I wanted to make it as real as possible and i wanted the main screen to be something more than just a light up green square so i made the entire thing into what is pretty much a giant watch. the screen is from a cheep travel alarm clock i bought at walmart and gutted. the 5 buttons above the screen are the clocks functions, (back light on/off, date set , hours set, minutes set, temperature F/C).

This is going to be the bestest Halloween ever. Fun contest, too.


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