Japanese dumb picture threads often start with a request. Maybe someone hasn't laughed in a while and needs a pick-me-up. Thus, he or she asks for silly or stupid pics on 2ch, the country's biggest forum. Others chip in and contribute goofy images to elicit a chuckle or two. Today would be a good day for that.

Or sometimes, funny picture threads appear online with lighthearted titles like, "If you laugh, you must take a bath." Of course, that's a joke, implying that net dwellers never bathe. (They do! Sometimes.)

Then, there are the "complete match" photos, which Kotaku previously posted.

Here is a collection of some, certainly not all, silly images, collected off various Japanese sites and forums. Some of the images are memes in Japan. Some aren't. And some of them you might have seen before.


And remember, as with things like this, don't let internet images speak for an entire country. Unusual, odd, and fun, these photos also make Japanese people giggle, too.

画 像 で 笑 っ た ら 風 呂 入 れ [妹はVIPPER]

アホな画像で思わず吹いても━━━━た [とにかく笑とけ]

画 像 で 笑 っ た ら 跳 べ [フェレット速報]

おもしろ画像で俺を笑はせて下し [2ch]


[ハヤマ, にせもの, おかだ]

画像で笑ったら一ヶ月オナ禁しろ [2ch]

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