Here Are A Bunch Of Ladies Dancing In Silly Clothing Because of Just Dance 4

I knew that dance games, like Ubisoft's Just Dance series, took an extraordinary amount of motion capture and choreography. But I admit that I never stopped to think about the costumed characters on-screen. Not only does the team have to capture dancers in motion... they need to outfit the dancers, too.


This behind-the-scenes look at Just Dance 4 gives a glimpse into just how large a role real-world fashion and costume design play in the game's creation. And for the style-minded crew who make it happen, a big payoff: outfits from the game appeared at New York Fashion Week in September. Who knew video games and one of the world's most stylish runways could ever go together so well?

Just Dance® 4: Behind The Scenes [Ubisoft YouTube, via Polygon]

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As a huge fan of the Just Dance and Dance Central games, this was very cool to see. It's interesting to see the very, very different priorities and focus that the developers pay attention to for a game like this compared to most games.

Most people who don't play these games and just dismiss them as trash don't seem to understand what the MILLIONS of dance party game players look for. Besides the most obvious thing: a fun and varied track list with both old as well as newer hits, the choreography is just as important. Dance Central has amazing choreography and a lot of very, very fun moves but I tend to like the Just Dance series track selection much better year over year. Also, I prefer Just Dance's more stylized/unrealistic approach to the characters, they're always fun and match the "essence" of the tracks well. Just Dance is also a lot more forgiving and lends itself better to new players or players who might not be very good at dance games.

Overall they're both amazing game series and get an undeserved amount of shit from players who don't like these type of games. Which is just weird to me cause they're clearly not meant for you if you hate them so much :)