It's not uncommon for a game to have bugs and glitches, just ask Bethesda. But especially when multiplayer is involved, people will dig up or stumble on some hilarious (and sometimes useful) glitches.

Here are a few that people have already been uploading to YouTube, not even a full day after Black Ops II has been released.

The top video is during Black Ops II's Zombies mode, where a zombie's body stretches across a building, leaving but a tiny hand at the end of that awkward, skin-filled rainbow. I hope the imagery of that made your Tuesday better.

This one got coined the "Jesus glitch." For obvious, non-resurrection related reasons.

Here's another one from the Zombie mode. A sneaky little glitch that gives you invincibility. But where's the fun in that if you're not getting up and fighting? I don't know about you, but I like using my guns.

I like to think the care package in this video came down, saw all the enemies with guns and was like, "NOPE. BUHBYE."

Yet another Zombies glitch, I imagine the zombie here is thinking, "Maybe if I stand really, really still he won't see me." Either that or he's been practicing his ballet lunges so much he froze that way. That's how it works, right? Like making faces?


And then of course there's the Samuel L. Jackson glitch that Luke pointed out last night.

Find any others? Let us know. And make use of Theater!