They say ‘There's more than one way to skin a cat'. Man, that's such a weird saying. Who skins cats? They should replace ‘cat' with ‘zombie' and ‘skin' with ‘utterly destroy'. That'd make way more sense!

In that vein, here are 19 ways you can utterly destroy the living dead in Resident Evil 6. Served up in animated GIF form! Click through to see.

1. Smack ‘em in the face with the back of your fist!


2. Pick em up by their legs and ‘caber toss' them!

3. Elbow them in their weirdo faces!


4. Kick em in the jaw!

5. Falcon punnnnnnch!


6. A roundhouse kick to the back of the dome!

7. Sneak up behind them and smash their skull against a partition...


8. ...Or a wall!

9. Give em a good old fashioned elbow drop!


10. Get it into a guilliotine from behind and break it's neck!

11. A jumping head slam!


12. Push em over a railing!

13. Crush their brains with a rifle!


14. Get ‘em in a Bulldog!

15. Stab ‘em in the guttiwuts!



17. An Uppercut!


18. Take their 9-iron away from them and whack ‘em in the head!

19. Or if they're boozy, take their bottle of wine and plunge it into their back!
There! Now you're prepared for the inevitable return of the shambling undead! Here's hoping I didn't crash your browser.