Do you like to draw manga style art? Would you like some tips? Professional artist Takuya Yoshimura is here to help out. 

Yoshimura’s credits include manga for Young Jump, including one about hair dressers. Which sounds rad. 

Spotted on Repo’s blog, the hair dresser manga sure seems to feature terrific hair. [Image: Repo]

On his Twitter (via IT Media and Rocketnews), Yoshimura has been uploading short clips that show how to up your manga art game. The clips are in Japanese, but since they’re videos, you should be able to follow along with his process.

How to draw a man’s arm:


A suit:

A leg:


A young woman:



A hand:

A shirt:


A handsome dude:

Folded arms:


Then, adding details to said folded arms:

And finally, a tree:


Hopefully these will be of use! 

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