Help Wanted: Arena Healer/Death Knight, 20 hrs/wk, Apply Within

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Someone on San Francisco Craigslist is seeking to employ a Warcraft player 20 hours per week to help him get his sorry ass to a supermacho arena rating of 2,000 or greater.


Interested? Well your prospective employer also demands that you be able to play a Death Knight to "farm honor for items." Reward is $50 per hour while he's sub-1,850 in arena rating, $100 an hour when he's past that, and a big fat $5,000 bonus if he hits 2,350.

I'll admit, half of this is going well the fuck over my head, but it sounds a lot like the time back in sixth grade when I paid Jones Holcomb $20 to let me roll a 16th level fighter in D&D - in the basic set. That's right, I didn't even get to buy an artifact with that. No Mace of St. Cuthbert, no Celestian's Mantle, no Libram of Ineffable Damnation. Not even a sword +4 vorpal. And I was certainly more gracious and less bitchy about the transactional relationship than this clown:

"You *MUST* be trustworthy, helpful, have vent WITH MIC, and not have an holy-then-tho [sic] attitude," the advertiser writes. Christ, if I was getting paid to go into Warcraft and stand around healing some schmoe with more money than sense for 20 hours a week, I might not have a high opinion of my employer, but I'd definitely have a lower opinion of myself.

Oh, and, "Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster." Just in case you're a headhunter for arena-healing death knights.

Looking For WOW ARENA Healer Who Can Also Play a DK...(Laurel Hts / Presidio) [Craigslist, thanks Jeffrey S.]



from what I hear, WoW is like a job in the first least this way youll get some pay and a dickhead boss who isnt just some Guild Master