Back in the mists of time, before man walked the internet, I wrote a story about a LEGO Zelda movie a guy made. It was pretty great!


So imagine my surprise when, over the weekend, the film's creator Michael Inglis got in touch to let us know that he's now taking the idea of LEGO Zelda a little more seriously. No doubt inspired by Minecraft's recent push using the CUUSOO program, Michael wants Zelda LEGO. Official Zelda LEGO.

While he's been printing off his own Zelda LEGO accessories for a while now, thanks to the wonders of 3D printing, he still has "a strong desire to see an official LEGO version of the franchise", and feels "it would surely only do both the series and it's fans justice if Nintendo and The LEGO Company were to release such a desirable LEGO theme."

Does he have a snowball's chance in Hell? Probably not. But it wouldn't hurt to click "Support" on his page anyway, because those little Zelda LEGO swords look awesome.


LEGO Legend of Zelda [LEGO]


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