Help These Guys Make A New Syndicate Game

As expected after the tease earlier this year, Satellite Reign is the name of a game that really just wants to be a new Syndicate. A proper Syndicate, not a shooter bearing the franchise's name.


It's being developed by 5 Lives Studios, based in Brisbane, Australia, and really just sounds like the kind of Syndicate game we'd have expected from Bullfrog had the studio somehow survived into the 21st century.

So in addition to your research, squads and tactical gameplay, the cities are now alive, changing from day to night, while also giving you a means to interact with things like power supplies.

Most interesting, though, is that the game isn't broken up into distinct levels. You're given access to one huge city, a single open world, and you can tackle missions and objectives at your leisure.

There's more art and story info below.

Satellite Reign [Kickstarter]

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