Help Me Think of a Title For This

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A buddy is writing a book and enlisted me and a bunch of other friends in a quest to find the perfect title for it. (I can tell you what it's about but then I'd have to kill you.) This is a hard freaking job, much harder than coming up with superhero names when we were kids.


Ideally a book title is iconic, evocative of the story inside, sounds great when you say it on radio or read it in print, functions as a brand, all of that good stuff. When companies that make soap, toilet paper or frozen pizza try to come up with a new brand they involve focus groups, consultants and all sorts of marketing experts. Here we're doing the same thing with a bunch of drinking buddies.

I'm not sure I'll be of much help. I had a hard enough time coming up with that headline. Anyway, here's the rest of what's weird in the world tonight:

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