There are only a handful of people who have ever made something as Star Warsy as the original trilogy felt. A handful of Lucasarts games like Dark Forces, maaaybe some comics, and the books of author Timothy Zahn. Who, it turns out, now wants to make a video game. Not a Star Wars game, but still. We're listening.

Zahn, who won a Hugo award in 1984, is - you might guess this by the name - playing a key role in the design of Timothy Zahn's Parallax. A turn-based 4X game in the vein of Master of Orion, it promises to feature appearances by some of Zahn's own original alien creations (from his non-Star Wars works).


If you're wondering why there's so little to actually show for the project in the video below it's for two reasons: firstly, it's because Zahn and programmer Abram Jablonski want backers involved in the project from the ground floor up, helping design the worlds, aliens, tech and fleets for the game. Secondly, they've got all their game images and information in this document.

And if you don't know who Timothy Zahn is...the dude was a big reason Star Wars hauled itself out from its early-90's slump, his series based around Grand Admiral Thrawn and the Rebellion's struggles to adapt as the "winners" rekindling millions of people's love for a property they thought they'd left behind in childhood.

Timothy Zahn's Parallax [Kickstarter]

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