Hello Kitty Online Opens Its Heart, Servers For Valentine's Day

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Sanrio Digital celebrates the season of love this Valentine's Day weekend by opening up the servers of Hello Kitty Online for a public stress test with their four-day Happy Hearts event.


Players who have been desperately trying to login to Hello Kitty Online over the course of the past few months only to be frustrated by the Founder's Club only access restrictions will get some relief this weekend, as Sanrio throws open the servers for a four-day Valentine's Day celebration and stress test, starting on February 14th. Players will be able to participate in special Valentine's Day quests while testing out the revamped user interface and new (and sorely needed) chat filter, which keeps Hello Kitty and her friends from being solicited by Hello Sexual Predators.

To sign up for the test, head over to Sanrio Town and snag a free account.

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to tell my wife about it :)

She actually likes this stuff and has all kinds of Sanrio collectibles/stuffed toys and whatnots.

There...link sent. Thanks