Heidi Klum Guitar Hero Ad Makes Bill O'Reilly Grumpy

When you're a "culture warrior" and you're pissed off by something sexy on the TV, what do you do? Why show it again, in its entirety! That's pretty much the Fox News M.O., and Bill O'Reilly deployed it against the Heidi Klum Guitar Hero ad in a recent show. But even the female Republican strategist joining him for the segment wouldn't take the bait to bash video games. "Say you're watching The Waltons," he says - the fuck? First of all, that went off the air in 1981. Secondly, if Bill's pissed impressionable kids might see this, they are not watching The Waltons. The first few notes of its theme song are enough to send me running from the room crying - and I am THIRTY-FIVE. Finally, if it was still being shown on any network, I doubt Activision would waste its money advertising Guitar Hero to anyone so fogeyfied they're both watching The Waltons and outraged by the sudden image of a woman wearing lingerie. I love it. "No one cares whether you're offended," he tells his guest. Right. Same goes for you, dickclown. The O'Reilly Factor: Heidi Klum Underwear [NintendoRAW via GamePolitics]

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