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There a lot of cop games, but no so many about robbers. Codesmasters' Hei$t, which was to be one of the rare few, has been canceled publisher Codemasters told IGN today.


Codemasters told the site:

"After a much extended development period, Heist has been terminated as a project and removed from our release schedule."

We covered the announcement of the game in 2007, back when a press release promised that development studio inXile Entertainment would enable gamers "to tak[e] charge of a group of renegade criminals as they rob, steal and shoot their way throughout the city, all the while their sights set on the big score: taking the San Francisco Mint." The game was to have been set in the late 1960s, an open-world caper set during the Summer of Love.

The cancellation leaves Sony's Sly Cooper series as one of the few relatively recent examples of a major game based on the concept of stealing stuff.

Codemasters Cancels Heist [IGN] (This story was originally broken by the website Computer and Video Games.)


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