Heeeeeeeello Monday. Ban Monday.

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Our favorite Kotakuday? Ban Monday. While we don't have any problem banning on regular days, we turn up the Ban Hammer sensitivity to MAXIMUM on Ban Monday. Here's how it's works:

Send us the commenter page to tipsATkotakuDOTcom for anyone who should get the axe, err, hammer. You can put in your request at tipsATkotakuDOTcom. Be sure to include the URL for your own commenter page.


No ban gloating. Gloating leads to Ban Hammer backfire, which could cause you to get the boot. And that would be very embarrassing.

For those who need a primer on who commenting works here, read our handy guide as well as how to get the most from your commenting account and more about starred commenting.


We'll be back to normal on Tuesday, lighter, faster and better. Hope to see you on the other side.

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