Heavy Rain To Introduce Delayed Trophies, Solve Common Achievement Problem

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In the interest of establishing a mood and not having it ruined by a Trophy alert, the developers of 2010 PlayStation 3 game Heavy Rain have been authorized by Sony to do something new.


Heavy Rain will have Trophies. But you won't be told that you earned them until the breaks between the game's chapters.

Quantic Dream co-CEO Guilaume de Fondaumiere told Kotaku in New York that the game's Trophy alerts will operate on a delay. That gets the team around the problem of having the little Trophy alert message and accompanying chime interrupt scenes of tense crime-scene investigation or a father's quiet struggle to get his son to talk to him after a bad day at school. The game will maintain its mood during the important parts by rewarding the gamer with alerts during transitional scenes.

Since their inception, Achievements on the Xbox 360 and the similar service of Trophies on the PlayStation 3 have been widely popular among gamers. But the alerts that signify the winning of an Achievement or Trophy can and do get in the way of subtitle text or otherwise distract players. And while an option to turn the alerts is one solution to this issue that some gamers use, having the Trophies rewarded after the fact is another method that permits a notice of accomplishment without killing a carefully constructed mood.

Heavy Rain ships in early 2010 on the PlayStation 3.



Ok people are missing the obvious.

eavy rain isn't the first to do anything like this. Those that have played Left 4 Dead 2 should be able to recall that you will not see certain achievements pop till you reach a safe room or complete the chapter, as in "Bridge Over Troubled Slaughter". Valve clearly stated where the start and end of it is to get it, but it won't pop till you are on the helicopter. Same with "Sob Story" till you are in the safe room the achievement won't show.

This is nothing new, at least not for the 360 side of things. So why is Sony making such a big announcement on, delayed trophies.

It's like announcing that you not drinking the coffee while it wsa just poured and is steaming hot. But will still drink it soon enough. This is pointless and stupid.

How about Sony's marking stick to some good PR and talk about how awesome Heavy Rain is going to be, instead of this "Delayed trophy" crap.