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Heavy Rain Creator Inducted Into Order Founded by Napoleon

Illustration for article titled emHeavy Rain/em Creator Inducted Into Order Founded by Napoleon

Here's something odd: David Cage, the maker of Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain, now has something in common with Marcel Marceau, Jacques Cousteau and Alexis de Tocqueville: all are members of France's Legion d'honneur, an award akin to being knighted in the United Kingdom.


Le Figaro reported this weekend that Cage, 44, (pictured) the founder of studio Quantic Dream, would become the first video game developer to earn the award. Of course, the discipline is relatively new when compared to an order dating to 1802. When you consider that more than 94,000 people (some of them from nations other than France) have been awarded the Legion of Honour, it sounds even more special. The Legion of Honour is France's highest national decoration.

Cage will be inducted at the rank of Chevalier, or knight, which requires a minimum of 25 years of professional activity (or 20 of public service) and "eminent merits." Membership is capped at 113,425 Knights; the order currently has 74,384 (living and dead).


Le Figaro notes that in 2006, France's minister of culture presented the Chevalier of Arts and Letters to Shigeru Miyamoto, Michel Ancel and Frederick Raynal, but that is a separate award.

Jeux vidéo: la Légion d'honneur pour David Cage [Le Figaro via Gamasutra]

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... I'm actually saddened by this.

I'm french, also an enthusiast of Napoleon and the 1st Empire, and I also very much dislike David Cage and every game he made. I cannot fathom how somebody so mediocre can be so pretentious and self-important.

To award him a medal that was first given to hardened soldiers who ran into the fire of canons and thousands of muskets and the steel of bayonets, seeing most of their fellow soldiers die horribly around them... what has France come to.

And that's certainly not going to calm his ego, which must be about the size of Godzilla right now, or a Kaiju.