Heavy Rain Actor Hanging Out With Madonna's Ex

Motion capture actors might be gaming's unsung heroes. Film director Guy Ritchie (Sherlock Holmes) might have something to sing about, though.


British model Jacqui Ainsley did the motion capture for character Madison Paige in PS3 psychological thriller Heavy Rain. As video game website CVG points out, the picture up top is what Ainsley actually looks like. The picture above? What her in-game counterparts looks like.

And this is what the 28-year-old model looks like walking out of London restaurant Roka with the former Mr. Madonna. The weekend before that, 41-year-old Ritchie was spotted with a 21-year lingerie model. Next week, oh the possibilities.


Guy Ritchie's steps out with Madonna lookalike Jacqui [Mail Online via CVG] [Pic, Pic]

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