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Heaven is Kicking a Cartoon Rabbit Down a Hill

The last time we checked in on curious indie game Overgrowth wasn't exactly under the most pleasant of circumstances, so let's today focus on what the game does best: rabbit violence.


An action adventure game, this clip focuses on some of the recent improvements made to Overgrowth's melee combat system, which in terms of how fluid it is looks incredible.


While it's not out yet, you can get your hands on the game; pre-order customers get access to alpha updates, so head below if you're at all interested.

Overgrowth [Wolfire, thanks Chris!]

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Action adventure, you say? I have questions.

- Are there any RPG elements?

- Does the character evolve in any way?

- Armor/equipment change/upgrade/evolution (obviously there are some weapons as made evident by their trailer)?

- Open-world/sandbox?

I want more info, but it already looks like they'll be getting my money — but i need more info if it's going to be through a pre-order. Excellent stuff at any rate.