Headbang Hero: Rock Out with Your Locks Out

"For the first time in history," writes the creators of Headbang Hero, "a wireless motion-sensing wig is used as a game controller." God, I was wondering if I'd ever live to see that day.

We just got sent this in tips by Tiago Martins, who created Headbang Hero along with Andreas Zingerle and Ricardo Nascimento. The concept is simple - Thrash the Wiigmote in time with the beat and rack up points.


Know what I love about this? Just as Rock Band has convinced me I can play guitar, this will convince me I still have hair.

Says the development trio:

This is the first complete prototype of Headbang Hero, an interactive project by Tiago Martins, Andreas Zingerle and Ricardo Nascimento. It's a kind of tribute to the popular Guitar Hero game and headbangers all around the world.

Also, for the first time in history a wireless motion-sensing wig is used as game controller.

The hardware is based on the Arduino platform; the software is based on the Processing environment and the Minim library. Stay tuned for more!

Oh you know what's coming next, right. Headbanger Hero: World Tour, which gives you the Power Glove attachment so you can go into overdrive with the devil horn salute.

Headbang Hero - First Prototype [YouTube]



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