He Waited Two Days For This? Poor Bastard

A dude named "Butch" waited two days to be first in line for Kinect's Tokyo launch. He camped out on the street in a cardboard box painted "Xbox 360". Too bad his room isn't much bigger.

Butch posted a photo of his Kinect set-up, and it doesn't look like he has the necessary 8 feet of space to hit the peripheral's sweetspot. (It doesn't look like he's got four feet of space!)


It's worth noting that Butch probably couldn't play the PlayStation Move there either! Dude not only needs a bigger pad, but needs to use the Kinect ruler.

As previously noted, Butch lists his profession on his blog as a "sakura", which is Japanese slang for a professional line stander.


狭くて出来ません。有り難 [Twitpic] [Pic]

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