He Screams at Gaming's Most Terrifying Moments So You Can Laugh

YouTube entertainer PewDiePie likes to record himself doing scary things, like playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent or the Cry of Fear Half-Life 2. His reactions are glorious moments of pure panic. It's like having a surrogate pants-pisser.


What a lovely service this man is providing, taking the girlish screams upon himself, transforming them into laughter on the fly. I managed to play Amnesia for a whole ten minutes before I was too scared to go on. Watching it scare someone else is much easier on the heart.

The very best bits are where he gets so scared he slips into Swedish. I could listen to Swedish screaming all day long and it would never get old.

Not sure what that says about me. Just watch the silly man yelping.

[FUNNY] TOP SCARIEST MOMENTS OF GAMING! (with screams) episode 7 [YouTube]



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