“He’s not going to play the game until he’s in college.” The actor who plays Michael in Grand Theft Auto V tells GQ that his 11-year-old son will have to wait a while before sampling the pleasures of Los Santos. Kudos, Ned Luke, for having more sense than some of the other parents out there.


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More of the same copy-pasta shit over and over again. 11 might be too young but I don't think 13 is. By the time you're 13, you're already entering high school (or are close to) and you should have a decent grasp on the difference between reality and media.

This "kids can't play rated M games" is getting to be annoying, especially since pretty much everyone played rated M games in their youth. I've heard arguments like "BUT ITS GETTING SO MUCH MORE REAL AND KIDS CAN'T TELL IT APART". Yes they can. And if you keep going back in time, people constantly think video game violence was getting "too real".

Just fuck off and let parents make a judgment call about their kids maturity instead of making a catch-all about kids in general.