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He Played Missile Command for Nearly Three Consecutive Days

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Earlier this year, Victor Sandberg broke Missile Command's all-time world record—a mark that had stood since 1982 and was believed to be unassailable. This weekend, he shot for another goal most thought unreachable. In the end, it was.

Sandberg didn't make it to 100 hours of gameplay on a single credit—which would have been 16 hours longer than what George Leutz did with Q*Bert back in February. He made it 71 hours and 41 minutes before faltering. That is 19 minutes short of three full days of play.


However, Sandberg, of Sweden, looks to have put Missile Command's all-time mark away for good: His final mark was 103,809,990. It would take someone who not only has completely mastered Missile Command, as Sandberg has, but also has enough stamina to play at that level for almost three days with only fleeting power naps to recharge.

We carried Sandberg's pursuit of the record yesterday through his livestream. That feed has been replaced with a stream of his final 24 hours in the game. There's also a helpful translation of all the things Victor says in Swedish at the end of each level.


His last level—his 10,432nd—plays at 23:25:28.