He-Man the Most Powerful Game Trailer in the Universe

Hot on the heels of the most powerful screenshots in the universe, it's the official trailer for He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe. Prince Adam is just so interesting, isn't he?


Nice to see GlitchSoft and Chillingo having so much fun with our favorite Eternian. Not only are we going to play as that powerfully fabulous hero, we get to give Man-at-Arms and the Sorceress a go and play games of chance with Orko!

And it looks like I was right; those were definitely Hordak bots in those screens. Are we going to get a She-Ra follow-up? God I hope so.


I like how they show him fighting three different bosses and he using the exact same move on each one.

Anyways, I hate games like these, that take something that we took seriously as a kid and now laugh at, and make a parody/satirical game with it. Like the Double Dragon game that just came out, DD: Neon, it's funny when we talk about Double Dragon now, but don't totally bash the series by making a parody game of it, elevate the series by making a more modern, more badass version of it and leave the parodies to internet flash games. I just think they're going it the wrong direction with some of these franchises.