He Can't Play Half-Life 2 Without Getting Sick

Commenter Make.Sense gets sick while playing Diver: Deep Water Adventures, which makes perfect sense. He also gets sick while playing Half-Life 2, which is reason enough to appear in today's Speak Up on Kotaku.

Kotaku, have you ever played a game that made you feel ill? Not the "Oh this game is so bloody awful it's making my eyes hurt oh I got to throw up"-feeling but the "Oh, I'm playing an average game, damn it what a headache, I got to throw up"-feeling?


It has happened to me with two games, and it's not because of the computer, the place and my health status since I've tried these games at several occasions. Diver: Deep Water Adventures and Half-Life 2 give me a headache and make me feel ill, every time.

In Diver I've blamed the fact that you're under water and what's up and what's down isn't always that clear, and for some reason that makes my head hurt and want to throw up.

In Half-Life 2 I don't know, but I get the exact same feeling.

Anyway, has anyone else ever experienced this thing? You're playing a game and you start to feel very ill, you try the game at another time, same thing, but when you change game it goes away?


Just out of curiosity, because I don't know what's causing this on me or why it is just those two games of all games I've played, and it feels a bit odd.

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