HBO Wants to Turn Indie Game Movie Into TV Series

Indie Game: The Movie, a documentary about getting an indie game made, had a pretty successful debut at Sundance over the weekend. So successful, in fact, it's already been picked up by HBO so it can be turned into a TV series.


The network, renowned for its strong original content, has optioned the rights to the project so it can make a series of 30-minute fictional episodes based around the general premise of a bunch of people trying to make their own video game.

Exciting? Get this: it's being produced by Scott Rudin, whose credits include stuff like No Country For Old Men, There Will Be Blood and The Social Network.

Remember, the show has only just been optioned, so it may never come to light. But if it does, HBO and Rudin are two of the best possible people you could have behind it.

Indie Game: The Movie [Facebook]



"Rudin will develop the film as a fictional half-hour comedy series for HBO and he will be executive producer"


Comedy? Say what?