Havok Unleashes Project Anarchy, A Free 3D Mobile Game Engine

Ever wanted to be a mobile game developer and weren't sure where to start? This. This right here. Project Anarchy is completely free end-to-end game development engine, just waiting to bring your ideas to life.

You know that Havok logo you're used to seeing at the beginning of PC and console games? Project Anarchy provides those same tools to mobile developers, allowing them to publish freely to iOS, Android and Tizen mobile platforms without restrictions on company size or revenue.


“Project Anarchy liberates game developers to freely explore gameplay ideas on mobile platforms using the same award-winning tools that console and PC developers have used for years,” said Ross O’Dwyer, head of developer relations at Havok via official press release. “This complete set of tools lends powerful graphics, physics and animation capabilities to mobile game development teams for free regardless of team and project size.”

Can't wait to see what budding mobile devs can create with Project Anarchy at their disposal.

The tools and more information should be live shortly at the official Project Anarchy website.


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