Have Your Revenge On Nintendo's Virtual Boy

For all its cult appeal, people sometimes forget why the Virtual Boy failed: because it sucked, and worse, because it caused us physical pain. It's time to get one back on the cruel little hndheld, by ripping its guts out.

iFixit got their hands on one of the old things, and rather than cherish it by sticking it on a shelf to gather dust, they picked up their screwdrivers and sought their revenge.

No screw is left unturned, no panel left unopened as Nintendo's first 3D handheld is torn apart for the world to see. I know technology is an incremental thing, but it's still amazing seeing how much more technical the Virtual Boy was - and it was a handheld - compared to the Famicom, whose guts we saw last week.


Nintendo Virtual Boy Teardown [iFixIt]


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