Have Your Animal Crossing Character Brought To Tiny Life

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Edberg Panganiban is now selling maybe the best Christmas stocking stuffer of them all: little resin Animal Crossing figures, hand-painted to match your own character's design.


While he sells ready-made figures - all of which are pretty cute - it's the option to have him paint your own custom guy or girl that makes it so awesome.

A warning, though: these are done individually and by hand, so they don't come cheap.


RezArmy [Etsy, via Matcha Nest]

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Can a person make a living just doing stuff like this? Like, if you find one little niche, just one awesome idea that no one has thought of before, an idea so cool that it gets a bunch of buzz on websites like kotaku, like hand painting resin animal crossing characters... how long can you ride that idea? (putting aside the issue that Nintendo could cease & desist this particular idea).

Edit: I hope it doesn't sound like I'm criticizing this person. I think these are great, I wish someone would get me one for christmas!