Have you ever considered the political situation in the Mario universe? Over at the Slate Quora blogs, Domhnall O'Huigin dives into the question, concluding that the universe is in a "ever-ending condition of war within and war without, fraught and constantly changing as one faction or another vies for control." Yeah, it's intense. Read the rest here.

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I am so utterly tired of the "wouldn't game mechanics be wacky if they existed in real life?" joke (and its related tumoral growth "what would be realistic consequences of videogame setups and mechanics?").

If we removed all instances of it from the history of gaming not only would we single handedly rid the world of the scourge that is the entirety of Dorkly's so-called "creative output", but also of a significant portion of the panicked, rambling outbursts of many, many tech and gaming journalists and bloggers on slow news days.