Have You Been Keeping Up With Steam's Holiday Sale?

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Steam's ridiculous sales are a big factor in my financial woes, yet I can't seem to keep away from them. Now I'm dragging all of you down with me by reminding you that Steam's holiday sale is going on now. So sorry! I just really hate to feel alone in my over-indulgence in cheap PC games.


We're several days in, and the current highlights include Dead Island at 66 percent off, DOTA 2 at half off, Dungeon Defenders and Train Simulator 2013 (you know you're curious) for 75 percent off, and more.

Of course, there are the usual flash deals (S.T.A.L.K.E.R. at 75 percent!), publisher packs and more. The Portal series, Saints Row The Third, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade and more have significant price cuts today as well. And the community's choice discount is currently being offered on The Walking Dead (no surprise there), which is half off.

Be sure to keep an eye on those flash deals if, like me, you just can't help yourself.



I was thinking of grabbing DOTA 2. I'm no DOTA pro, but last time I played a game like that was HON about 2 years ago. I appreciate the complex depth and refinement of different classes in those types of games...mastering a certain type while your friends play others, working together, competing learning the others's skills etc.

I'm sorta looking for a competitive class based game that I can pick up with the least toxic community. How is the community in DOTA 2 compared to HON or LoL? Just curious. I don't need that horrible player shit when I just wanna have fun playing a game!

p.s. the Miiverse is fucking awesome for that reason. If I want 100% free speech, there are message boards and protesting in real life, but in games...I prefer the least amount of misogyny and racism possible, thank you.