Have Review Score Farms Changed The Way You Buy Video Games?

Nine out of ten reviewers will enjoy today's Speak-Up on Kotaku, in which commenter Wocalax wonders if review aggregate sites like Metacritic make it easier or harder to decide which games to buy.

Kotaku, I haven't asked you a question in a while, but I think I have a decent one: Have sites that collate reviews(Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes) changed what you see as a worthy purchase?


They have for me.

Back in the day you either read a few reviews, or you tried it out for yourself. Now I can get my opinion of a game or movie from a one to three digit number.

Is this good? Sometimes. I was on the fence about seeing The Lincoln Lawyer, but after seeing its solid 83% from critics, 85% from the audience, I definitely want to check it out.

But, what about movies closer to the 50% range? That sounds bad as a percentage, but that means 1 in 2 people liked it. I could be one of those people! But I don't know, it did just get a 50%...


Games are different, but the basics still apply. When I see a game get a 70 or 60 that's a turnoff. Even if that game looked like the most amazing game in the world to me, it's still a mar on its image.

What about you lads and ladies? Do these numbers grant you power, or do they just make the decision process more convoluted for you?


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